Back Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy: Preventing the Need for Opioids in Back Pain Management

Apr29th 2024

Back pain is a common ailment that can cause suffering and impairment. Opioids were often recommended to treat back pain in the past, but some concerns have been raised about their potential for addiction and negative effects. However, physical therapy has become a reliable and secure alternative for opioid use in the treatment of back pain, providing long-term solutions without hazards.

Understanding the Dangers of Opioids

Although opioids are useful in temporarily treating pain, opioids have many hazards and adverse effects. Using opioids can lead to overdose, addiction, dependency, and even death. Long-term opioid use can also result in tolerance, which means greater doses are needed to achieve the same degree of pain relief. Healthcare professionals are increasingly looking for alternative back pain treatments because of these hazards.

The Role of Physical Therapy for Back Pain Relief

By treating the underlying causes of back pain and enhancing function, physical therapy can be effective in managing the symptoms. Physical therapists can help patients develop stronger muscles, increase flexibility, and teach proper posture through a combination of exercises, manual therapy, and education. Physical therapy seeks to reduce the need for opioid medication by treating these variables and preventing recurring pain.

Physical Therapy Evidence-Based Approach for Back Pain

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for back pain. Studies indicate that patients’ pain, function, and overall quality of life significantly improve after engaging in physical therapy. Furthermore, physical therapy has been demonstrated to lower the need for more intensive interventions like surgery and long-term opioid use.

Empowering Back Pain Patients with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy’s emphasis on patient empowerment is one of its main benefits. Physical therapy gives patients the ability to actively participate in their recovery, as opposed to opioids, which only conceal symptoms. Patients learn the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage their pain, avoid worsening their condition, and preserve their long-term health.

Physical therapy not only treats the underlying causes of back pain but also gives patients the tools to take charge of their rehabilitation. The therapists at Evolve Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge are here to create a plan to help anyone with back pain, learn how to manage it, and avoid other more intensive, and potentially dangerous options.