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Jul6th 2023

Physical Therapy Before and After Hip Replacement Surgery: Jenny Allen’s Patient Story

In 2019 Jenny Allen had hip replacement surgery.  Born with dislocated hips, and an avid tennis player, hip replacement wasn’t a surprising outcome, but she began to see Robbie Bolton at Evolve Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge with the goal of avoiding surgery.  Jenny had also seen Robbie in the past for a variety of

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Apr18th 2023

Avoiding Hip Surgery with PT: Linda Limbocker’s Patient Story

For years, Linda Limbocker suffered from increasingly debilitating hip pain. A partially torn labrum had left her with hip instability and the looming possibility of surgery. Steroid injections proved unsuccessful, and strengthening the muscles surrounding her hip became the only option that stood between her and a scalpel. Determined to avoid an invasive surgery, she

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Jan27th 2023

Knee Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge: What is Return to Sport After an ACL Injury?

An ACL injury can be a devastating experience for any athlete. It means time off the field or court and a lot of time spent rehabilitating your knee with a physical therapist. However, before you can get back in action after an extensive and arduous rehabilitation process, there will be one final step to ensure

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