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Relieve Chronic Headaches with Physical Therapy Jun8th 2022

Treating Chronic Headaches with Physical Therapy

Migraines and persistent, chronic headaches can severely limit your quality of life and comfort.  There are many factors that can contribute to this ailment.  From injuries and trauma, to repetitive movements, to certain physical conditions, a physical therapist can help you identify the causes, and more importantly a treatment plan to alleviate this pain. Types

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Normatec Recovery Jan28th 2022

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain: 3 Ways Your PT Can Relieve Pain

Chronic pain in any area of the body can drastically reduce your quality of life. Chronic pain is created in the brain and can occur from various factors. Common medical factors that create chronic pain are fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic disorder, diabetes mellitus, and physical trauma or injury. While chronic pain can greatly impact your day-to-day

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Physical Therapy Can Help Flat Feet Oct10th 2021

Physical Therapy Can Help With Flat Feet!

Flat feet are caused by many different factors, including genetics, age, and weight. Having flat feet can create extremely painful issues that make it hard for you to play the sports you love, or just simply navigate on a daily basis. Thankfully, if you have flat feet, a physical therapist can treat and suggest simple

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