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Aug29th 2023

Weight Training Injuries: Mike Kavanaugh’s Patient Story

At 65 years old, Mike Kavanaugh remains an avid fitness enthusiast. However, maintaining his active lifestyle hasn’t been without challenges. Injuries and age have brought him setbacks, but Evolve Physical Therapy has also provided him with a path forward. Through personalized care and expertise, the Evolve team has helped Mike overcome his injuries and regain

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Jul28th 2023

Torn Pectoralis Major Recovery: Leonard Williams’ Patient Story

Physical injuries can be daunting and a source of frustration. This is particularly true for individuals like Leonard Williams, who leads a busy life fueled by fitness and physical activity. Fortunately, with the right guidance and support, even the most challenging recoveries can become inspiring success stories, and Leonard’s own story is just that. A

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Jul25th 2023

Revolutionizing Physical Therapy with ThermoStim Probe: The Power of Heat and Stimulation

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in rehabilitating and improving the quality of life for individuals with various conditions and injuries. Over the years, advancements in technology have transformed the field, introducing innovative tools and techniques to enhance treatment outcomes. One such groundbreaking development is the ThermoStim probe, a cutting-edge device that combines heat therapy

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