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Oct31st 2023

Personalized Physical Therapy for Muscle Injuries: Kyle Banta’s Patient Story

Kyle Banta, one of Evolve Physical Therapy’s early patients, has been a regular visitor since he saw Robbie Bolton for rehab after tearing his labrum in 2015. Today, Kyle competes in strongman competitions and continues to seek treatment from Robbie about once a month for injuries, aches, and pain. Kyle’s dedication to his training is

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Sep28th 2023

Baton Rouge Physical Therapy for Hip Injuries: 6 Benefits of a Physical Therapist

The strenuous exercise and regimen that athletes put their bodies through can result in injuries, and hip ailments are no exception. A hip injury can have a crippling effect on an athlete’s performance and quality of life. Physical therapy, which has a variety of advantages that can help athletes restore their strength, mobility, and competitive

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Aug29th 2023

Weight Training Injuries: Mike Kavanaugh’s Patient Story

At 65 years old, Mike Kavanaugh remains an avid fitness enthusiast. However, maintaining his active lifestyle hasn’t been without challenges. Injuries and age have brought him setbacks, but Evolve Physical Therapy has also provided him with a path forward. Through personalized care and expertise, the Evolve team has helped Mike overcome his injuries and regain

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