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Mar20th 2023

Baton Rouge Physical Therapy Experts: When Should You See a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapy is a highly effective way to manage pain, recover from an injury, and improve your overall quality of life. However, many people are unsure about when they should see a physical therapist. There are many reasons to do physical therapy in order to treat many conditions, let’s take a closer at look when

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Jan27th 2023

Knee Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge: What is Return to Sport After an ACL Injury?

An ACL injury can be a devastating experience for any athlete. It means time off the field or court and a lot of time spent rehabilitating your knee with a physical therapist. However, before you can get back in action after an extensive and arduous rehabilitation process, there will be one final step to ensure

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Jan10th 2023

Manual Therapy for Back Pain: The Benefits of the ASTYM Technique from Your Physical Therapist

If you suffer from back pain due to a soft tissue injury or issue, your physical therapist may use the ASTYM technique for treatment. The ASTYM technique is an instrument-assisted soft tissue manual therapy designed for back pain. The tools employed by the ASTYM technique are a specialized form of massage that helps your PT

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