Not Getting The Results You Want In The Gym? Time To Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Not Getting The Results You Want From The Gym Apr20th 2021

We know that It’s easy to get into a rut or hit a plateau where you find yourself doing the same exercise routine over and over. According to Women’s Health, every time you complete the same routine your body becomes more adept at handling the stress, which makes that ultimately, you’re burning less calories while doing the same amount of work!

No worries though, there are several things you can do to change your workout and start seeing the results you’re trying to achieve. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to change your workout routine and start making progress again!

1. Change Your Exercises Up

As previously stated, doing the same exercises every single day won’t give you benefits after awhile. However, you can do some of these exercises every day and see results if you mix things up a bit. For example, if you run a little and then swim laps in the pool on a normal gym day, try swimming first and add in a brand new swim stroke that you don’t usually do. If you swim every day and then jog a little, try jogging first on a different path or terrain before swimming.

Changing how many reps you do when lifting weights can make a difference, and so can lifting different amounts of weight. Just make sure you’re not lifting more than you can handle, as this could cause an unnecessary injury! A Wellness report from U.S. News says that it’s important to switch your workout routine up every 6 to 12 weeks for the best results, so start brainstorming.

2. High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, consists of alternating intense bursts of physical activity with shorter periods of lighter activity. One example would be sprinting for 30 seconds, running for 3 minutes, and alternating back and forth between the two for the entire time you’re working out. This works for many different exercise styles and activities, like swimming, jumping rope, or even biking! No matter what kind of routine you’re currently doing, it’s possible to incorporate times of high and low intensity. Shape states that interval training will enable you to burn more calories during your routine as well as boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours afterwards. That’s pretty cool!

3. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

If you usually like to jog for exercise, try to switch to swimming laps in the pool for a month instead. If high-impact aerobics is your niche, try taking a spin class or getting a stationary bike at home. Teaming up with another gym rat or friend is a great way to stay motivated, and you can also learn their tips and preferred methods of exercise as well! Finding someone to jog with, play a round of tennis with, or simply make sure you both get to the same aerobics class can help you stick with something new.

What If I’m In Pain?

It’s true that changing up your exercise routine is imperative if you want to continue making progress and strengthening your muscles. While changing your workout will help you stay motivated and burn more calories, it can also result in new aches and pains. Seeing a physical therapist can be very beneficial and help you ease yourself into a new routine.

Physical therapy can help everything from building muscle strength to avoiding surgery when injuries occur. When you come into our office for your first physical therapy appointment, one of our skilled therapists will do a complete examination of your condition and assess any areas that are sore or aching. It’s the goal of a physical therapist to find any possibly underlying conditions that might actually be the true source of your pain.

He or she will ask you questions about your medical history, and may even ask for you to demonstrate moving in certain ways, or some of your exercises. This way they can have a better chance of making a diagnosis, if there is one to be made. It’s vital that you’re honest and up front with your physical therapist, because they can’t fix what they don’t know about! Tell them if specific stretches or exercises are hurting you, or if there are certain movements that you can’t make because of a limited range of motion.

Contact Evolve PT today to learn more about how you can switch up your daily physical activity or workout routine to see the best results. If you’ve recently been injured, our physical therapists can also help you manage your pain and help prevent future injuries.


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