Physical Therapy That Works: Linda Stamper’s Patient Story

Mar29th 2023

By the time Linda Stamper first went to see Robbie at Evolve Physical Therapy, she had nearly given up hope of ever finding relief from her back and shoulder pain. She had been to multiple doctors and physical therapy practices. Some treatments like injections for her back brought relief for a while, but inevitably, it always returned. Moreover, she didn’t feel a connection with the therapists at those other practices.

“I just was so disappointed in my experiences with other physical therapy practices,” says Linda. “I would only see the therapist the last 10 minutes of the session. The rest of the time, it was a tech walking around with a sheet of paper, telling me what to do. I tried them for three or four months before I just gave up.”

Finding the Best Physical Therapist

Fortunately, Linda’s daughter knew exactly who she needed to see. Having worked as a physical therapist herself and knowing Robbie through their children’s school, she was well aware of his qualifications, skill, and how he conducted his practice. She knew that both her mother’s pain and frustrations could be relieved if she began therapy at Evolve. In October, Linda finally relented and agreed to give PT one more chance. It would prove to be exactly what she needed.

“I feel so welcome when I walk into Evolve,” Linda says. “Everyone knows your name. Everyone tells you hello, and Robbie really takes his time with you. He’s not rushing around. I have the highest regard for him.”

Effective Pain Relief

As for her back pain and torn rotator cuff, they are feeling “ten times better.” Robbie works diligently, performing manual therapy and stretches that Linda says no other therapist ever did. Before her therapy at Evolve began, she could barely walk to the end of her driveway without excruciating back pain, and getting comfortable at night with her injured shoulder was nearly impossible. Today, Linda walks around the block multiple times without pain, and she sleeps any way she likes. It’s a vast improvement, and she attributes it all to Robbie.

“I tell anyone and everyone I know who needs physical therapy not to waste their time going anywhere else. Go to Robbie at Evolve!”

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