Shoulder Joint Injury Rehabilitation: Benefits of Physical Therapy

Oct17th 2023

If you are struggling with shoulder joint injuries, you know how challenging it can be to manage their pain and discomfort. Your shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in your body, with a wide range of motion, making it vulnerable to injuries. The pain caused by shoulder injuries can vary from a dull, persistent ache to a sharp, intense pain, depending on the type of injury and the severity of it.

Various factors, such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, impingement, tendinitis, and rotator cuff tear, can cause shoulder injuries. However, regardless of the cause of your shoulder pain, physical therapy can significantly improve your condition.

At Evolve Physical Therapy, our team of expert physical therapists provides a personalized treatment plan to reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and strengthen the muscles around your shoulder joint. Our physical therapy program offers numerous benefits that can help you recover from your shoulder injury and prevent further injuries in the future.

Managing Shoulder Pain: The Benefits of Physical Therapy

One of the most notable benefits of physical therapy is pain reduction. Our physical therapists use special techniques, such as gentle manual physical therapy, to reduce pain and inflammation in your shoulder joint. Additionally, your treatment plan may include specific therapeutic exercises designed to restore the correct sequence of muscle activation around your shoulder joint, which aids in pain reduction.

Can Physical Therapy Increase Shoulder Flexibility and Mobility?

Aside from pain reduction, physical therapy can also improve your mobility. Through exercises designed to enhance the range of motion in your shoulder, you can regain the important functional use of your shoulder. Range of motion is significant for individuals who need their shoulder joint to perform daily tasks or participate in sports activities.

Had a tear in my rotator cuff. They identified the problem immediately and put together a specific plan to make sure it healed and that I’d leave stronger than when I showed up.

– Dwain V.

Can Physical Therapy Help You Strengthen Your Shoulder Muscles?

Our physical therapy program also focuses on strengthening the muscles around your shoulder joint. Strengthening these muscles is crucial for your recovery and can prevent further injuries. Strengthening the muscles around your shoulder joint is our way of helping you achieve a better quality of life, as it enables you to perform your daily activities with ease.

Is Delaying Surgery Possible with the Help of Physical Therapy?

Initiating physical therapy early on can assist in preventing, delaying, or readying you for surgical procedures. Our structured physical therapy program is often a more cost-effective choice when compared to surgery or long-term medication usage. If you’re aiming to steer clear of surgery and are curious about whether physical therapy can deter or postpone the need for surgery, the simple answer is, yes.

Don’t let shoulder injuries disrupt your daily life. Take the first step towards recovery and prevention of further injuries by exploring the benefits of physical therapy. Our physical therapy program tailors your treatment plan to help you regain mobility, reduce pain, and strengthen the muscles around your shoulder joint. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let our team guide you towards a better quality of life.

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