Torn Pectoralis Major Recovery: Leonard Williams’ Patient Story

Jul28th 2023

Physical injuries can be daunting and a source of frustration. This is particularly true for individuals like Leonard Williams, who leads a busy life fueled by fitness and physical activity. Fortunately, with the right guidance and support, even the most challenging recoveries can become inspiring success stories, and Leonard’s own story is just that.

A Serious Gym Injury

Leonard’s journey to recovery began on December 27th when his typically demanding gym routine resulted in a torn left pectoral muscle. Bringing his workouts to an immediate halt and severely limiting his mobility, the need for surgery was immediately obvious. After the operation on January 18th, Leonard started his recovery at a different local physical therapy practice but wasn’t content with the progress he was making. Eager to speed up his rehabilitation process, he sought better results and heard about Evolve Physical Therapy and therapist Robbie Bolton. Intrigued by the promising reviews, Leonard decided to give it a shot.

“Normally, what people tell you about a business isn’t necessarily the whole truth,” notes Leonard. “It may not be the same great experience for everyone, but with Evolve, it’s what I was told and then some.”

A Hands-On Physical Therapy Approach

Upon joining Evolve, Leonard was pleasantly surprised by the hands-on approach to treatment. Unlike his previous experience, the team at Evolve took the time to personalize Leonard’s therapy, actively engaging with him during all of his sessions. This personalized attention and care made a significant difference in Leonard’s recovery.

Exceeding Post-Operative Expectations

When Leonard first started at Evolve Physical Therapy, he could barely raise his arm to a 90-degree angle. However, Evolve’s expert guidance and tailored exercises proved transformative. He worked diligently with Leonard, gradually improving his mobility, until he achieved a full 180-degree range of motion. Leonard was amazed at how Robbie’s expertise exceeded his expectations, getting him back on track faster than he thought possible.

“The thing I liked about Evolve was that they are so hands-on, and you get this amazing level of attention every time. It definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Making Physical Therapy a Family Experience

Impressed with his own progress, Leonard decided to bring both of his children to Evolve Physical Therapy as well. While his son is a high school football player, his daughter is a track athlete with an existing scoliosis diagnosis. Given her prior health concerns, Leonard finds himself protective and hesitant to let new providers treat her. However, impressed with his own results, he felt complete confidence in passing her care to Evolve – a decision he does not regret. Soon, his daughter’s pain lessened, and she found her strength building. In total, the whole family has experienced a newfound ease and trust in Evolve Physical Therapy, recognizing the valuable support and care the entire team provides.

Returning to the Gym Ahead of Schedule

Leonard’s commitment to his recovery, coupled with Robbie and Evolve’s dedication, has allowed him to surpass expectations thusfar. He continues to become more physically active and slowly work his way back to a normal gym routine. While a busy work schedule often keeps him on the road, he continues to make time for therapy and knows that Evolve is there for him anytime he needs, helping both he and his children rise above challenges and embrace a healthier, more active future.

“One of the many good things about Evolve and Robbie is that they will always work with my schedule to make sure I can still get treatment,” says Leonard. “Even if it means staying late sometimes. He’s just dedicated.”

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