Athletic Injury Recovery in Baton Rouge: Beau Didier’s Patient Story

Dec27th 2023

When your Dad is a professional baseball coach, and you played baseball at Louisiana State University, you’ve had a lot of experience in different facilities and with various athletic staff and physical therapists. So, when Beau Didier tore his ACL and meniscus playing flag football, he knew exactly where to go to rehab his injury. “I’ve known Robbie, and he’s helped many friends of mine, and they speak the world of him. I knew how smart and intelligent Robbie was, and he knew how to motivate and connect with whoever he was working on,” says Beau. 

Being competitive, driven, and focused, as most athletes are, Beau is motivated to do as much as he can as quickly as possible. “Robbie knows exactly what to say to me and explain what we’re working on, where I’m at, why we aren’t rushing it, and when I can push a little bit; it’s just been an awesome experience.”  

In addition to a torn ACL and meniscus, Beau also had another important matter as he considered his rehabilitation options; he was about to become a father. “We opted to put off surgery until Winston, our son, was born. Then I had the surgery and went right to Robbie. It’s been a little hectic, and Robbie has sped me along and kept me engaged and positive.”

What is a Torn ACL and Meniscus?

A torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and meniscus are common injuries affecting the knee. The ACL is a crucial ligament stabilizing the knee, connecting the thighbone (femur) to the shinbone (tibia). A tear in the ACL often occurs during activities involving sudden stops, changes in direction, or direct impact, leading to symptoms like pain, swelling, and instability in the knee. The meniscus is a wedge-shaped cartilage in the knee that acts as a cushion between the thighbone and shinbone. Meniscus tears are frequently associated with twisting or rotating the knee while bearing weight, resulting in pain, swelling, and sometimes locking or catching sensations. 

Rehabbing After a Major Knee Surgery with Physical Therapy

“I’m trying to be on the Aaron Rodgers recovery plan, and I’m probably driving Robbie crazy,” says Beau. As mentioned earlier, he is a motivated, competitive individual. However, he has a physical therapist who can communicate the importance of not rushing back too soon. “We’re at two months today. He says we can try jogging at four months, and I’m trying to push him to three months.” 

While there are tried and true staples to physical therapy in terms of rehabbing specific injuries in certain ways, the willingness to think outside of the box at Evolve helps their patients find the results they need. “Robbie has been perfect for me, and he’ll be perfect for everyone else too. Some people want to stay by the book, but he knows that’s not ‘me.’ Everything he has me do, I ask a question. I love the integration of cupping, needling, dynamic stretching, and things that are a little different. He’s open to everything that works best for you.”

When choosing a physical therapist and a clinic that meets, if not exceeds, high-level athletic organizations, Evolve Physical Therapy is it. “It feels professional. It is what professional athletes would expect in terms of care,” says Beau. Whether you need pre-surgery, post-surgery, or any physical therapy for an injury or other condition, the expert staff at Evolve Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge is here to help. 

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