Avoiding Hip Surgery with PT: Linda Limbocker’s Patient Story

Apr18th 2023

For years, Linda Limbocker suffered from increasingly debilitating hip pain. A partially torn labrum had left her with hip instability and the looming possibility of surgery. Steroid injections proved unsuccessful, and strengthening the muscles surrounding her hip became the only option that stood between her and a scalpel. Determined to avoid an invasive surgery, she began searching for a physical therapist, but that search was beginning to leave her disheartened as those she saw brought her little to no improvement. Fortunately, just as she was ready to throw in the towel completely, she found Robbie Bolton and Evolve Physical Therapy.

An Involved Physical Therapist

When Linda first met Robbie, she knew instantly that he was genuinely interested in helping her. She watched as he worked with other patients and athletes at his practice, and for the first time in a long time, she felt hopeful. Unlike her previous physical therapy sessions, Robbie didn’t just assign exercises for her to do, he made sure she did them correctly. He gave her exercises to do at home, even emailing her detailed instructions complete with pictures and how-to videos.  More than willing to do the work, Linda dove in, excited at the prospect of finally having found a partner in her recovery and a viable solution to her pain.

“Robbie is super upbeat and positive,” says Linda.  “He wants to push you, but he also listens to you and how your body feels. He’s concerned about you, and he really wants to get you better.”

Physical Therapy that Delivers Results

Robbie is known for pushing his patients to their limits, and Linda was no exception. She had never experienced stretching and needling before. Her previous appointments had lasted only an hour. Robbie kept her as long as was needed to get the work done. Not only that, but he remembered details about her and her treatment without having to flip through a chart, and he worked around her hectic schedule to make sure she could get in for treatment whenever she needed. Before long, Linda began to notice significant improvement in her condition, and the soreness she experienced at night was from hard work and not the unrelenting pain of a bad hip.

“Above all else, I wanted to avoid surgery,” Linda recalls. “But I was getting to the point that I thought I might as well just have it, because I’m not going to be able to live my life to the fullest. But Robbie is helping me change all that. After two different physical therapists, I found Evolve and immediately regained hope.”

Physical Therapy that is Fun and Effective

While Linda used to dread going to physical therapy, she can honestly say that she now enjoys it. She compares it more to a fun exercise class than a treatment clinic, with upbeat music and friendly personalities constantly surrounding her. Not only that, but the results speak for themselves. Whereas a walk around the LSU lakes or downtown used to be impossible, she is now able to readily enjoy such activities. Whereas she previously considered selling her two-story home, she can now climb her stairs without concern. Quite simply put, there is no comparison between Linda’s life before and after her treatment at Evolve.

“I told Robbie he should open a second location,” says Linda. “I’m not sure how that would work though. He’d need another person just like him, and there’s only one Robbie.”