Baton Rouge Physical Therapy Experts: 4 Benefits of Active Release Technique In Physical Therapy

Aug11th 2023

Active Release Technique (ART) is a manual therapy that works to relieve tension in your muscles and tissues. It breaks up adhesions that cause poor mobility, a lack of flexibility, and pain. Flexibility and mobility are important aspects of daily and athletic activities. Having a wide range of motion decreases injury risk, increases blood flow, and improves performance in physical activities, allowing you to live your best, most active life.

Can the Active Release Technique Enhance Flexibility and your Range of Motion?

Through ART, scar tissue and adhesions can be broken up, which restores flexibility and increases range of motion. In order to target the restrictions, physical therapists will feel around the shoulder area to locate the exact area of damage and inflammation. They will then use very specific hand-and-finger movements to help release the tension from the muscle, tendon, or ligament. This will reduce the pain associated with the frozen condition of the shoulder by breaking up the adhesions and stretching the tissues to restore normal movement in the joint and muscles.

How does the Active Release Technique help with Injury Prevention?

Active release technique therapy is great for responding to injuries and tension, but it can also be used for injury prevention. By addressing tight muscles and muscular imbalances, ART can be a proactive method to keep muscles healthy and pliable before an injury happens. Using ART therapy for athletes is highly recommended, as most sports contain repeated movement patterns. Common sports injuries like strains and sprains can be minimized when the scar tissue is resolved and tension is released in the affected areas.

How Can ART Enhance Pain Relief and Improve Daily activities?

Not an athlete but still experiencing chronic lower back pain, sciatica, or neck pain from daily activities? ART therapy can help. Chronic pain and restricted movement often stem from adhesions and scar tissue. If simple daily movements like bending over cause chronic lower back pain, physical therapists can use precise techniques to break up any scar tissue. Over time, this improves blood circulation to the area, allows for tissue healing, reduces inflammation, and alleviates pain in daily movements.

Long-Term Pain Management Through Active Release Technique Therapy

ART therapy not only resolves pain; it can also address the root cause of chronic pain and injury. This technique breaks down scar tissue, maintains muscle elasticity, and mobility if used consistently over time. While the time needed to resolve the underlying issue may vary by patient, ART’s assurance of delivering lasting pain management remains consistent.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, a lack of range of motion, or limited mobility, ART therapy can be an effective solution. The expert staff of physical therapists at Evolve in Baton Rouge can help.

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