Physical Therapy Before and After Hip Replacement Surgery: Jenny Allen’s Patient Story

Jul6th 2023

In 2019 Jenny Allen had hip replacement surgery.  Born with dislocated hips, and an avid tennis player, hip replacement wasn’t a surprising outcome, but she began to see Robbie Bolton at Evolve Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge with the goal of avoiding surgery.  Jenny had also seen Robbie in the past for a variety of conditions ranging from tennis elbow to shoulder and neck pain.  “I started with Robbie at Marucci and refer everyone I know to him,” says Jenny.

How Can Physical Therapy Prevent Hip Replacement Surgery?

When facing the prospect of hip replacement surgery, exploring non-surgical alternatives can be a great option. Physical therapy offers a conservative and effective approach to managing hip conditions, promoting pain relief, improving function, and potentially avoiding the need for surgery altogether. From improving mobility, adding strength and stability, and promoting functional rehabilitation and self-management, physical therapy can be an alternative to surgery.

Not being one to normally stop her normal routine, Jenny continued to work out, play tennis and lead her active lifestyle. This resulted in continued and enhanced pain.  “I didn’t listen to my body at the time,” remembers Jenny. 

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Hip Replacement

Following a hip replacement, physical therapy aims to speed up recovery, reduce pain, and regain hip range of motion. Jenny and Robbie collaborated closely to create a specialized rehabilitation plan based on her unique requirements and capabilities. Robbie led her through a variety of stretches, exercises, and activities to gradually strengthen the muscles around the hip joint, improve balance, and enhance the hip’s general functional abilities.

“I pretty much didn’t have any pain after surgery, but I wasn’t able to go back to normal physical activity for six to seven months before being fully released.”

Returning to Physical Activities After Hip Replacement Surgery

As Jenny progressed in her rehabilitation journey, Robbie gradually reintroduced activities that are essential to daily life. This included stair climbing, getting in and out of a car, and practicing movements related to her hobbies and activities.

“Robbie is very good at what he does, and his staff are all super personable. He’s very good at getting you back to the things that you loved before. The environment is fun, and he’s just a great guy,” remarks Jenny.

While Jenny’s initial PT experience with Evolve delayed her need for a left hip replacement, the rehabilitation afterward has gotten her back on her feet, back on the court, and back to Orange Theory.  Her son, a 16-year-old soccer player, also sees Robbie for physical therapy when needed.

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