Rehabilitating a Torn Labrum: Hudson Osborne’s Patient Story

May30th 2023

Hudson Osborne had always been a dedicated football player, but during his last high school football season, he faced a challenging setback. In the second week of the season, Hudson tore his labrum, a crucial part of the shoulder joint. Despite the injury, he decided to play through the pain, pushing himself for the love of the game. However, as the season progressed, his condition worsened, leaving him in extreme discomfort.

Determining Treatment for a Torn Labrum

Initially seeking medical attention in Mississippi, Hudson felt his injury was being downplayed. Frustrated and in dire need of proper care, he returned to Baton Rouge, his hometown. There, he consulted with Bone and Joint Clinic orthopedic specialist Dr. Mathew Mazoch who recognized the seriousness of his injury and recommended a solution: Evolve Physical Therapy and its skilled therapist, Robbie Bolton.

“Doctor Mazoch said he had great reviews on Mr. Robbie,” recalls Hudson. “He said he believed he would do wonders for me, and from the first time I went there, I could tell it was going to be very helpful.”

Over the Christmas break, Hudson began working with Robbie, dedicating himself to the rehabilitation process. Within a mere three to four weeks, he experienced a remarkable improvement. Hudson couldn’t praise Robbie enough for the positive impact he had on his recovery journey. Under Robbie’s guidance, Hudson’s arm felt transformed, and his pain dissipated.

Stabilizing the Shoulder Joint

The focus of their sessions revolved around stabilizing Hudson’s shoulder since the labrum doesn’t regenerate on its own. They worked diligently on strengthening the muscles surrounding the torn labrum, ensuring the stability of his shoulder. Hudson faced an additional challenge due to his loose joints, which made his shoulder prone to dislocation. By fortifying the stabilizing muscles, they aimed to prevent any future instability issues.

Before starting therapy with Robbie, Hudson couldn’t even throw a football without experiencing excruciating pain. However, his gratitude towards Robbie grew exponentially as he regained his ability to throw effortlessly. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous. Hudson even went on to recommend Robbie’s expertise to friends and fellow football players who suffered from injuries.

Initially, Hudson’s sessions with Robbie were frequent, attending three times a week during the Christmas break. However, as his recovery progressed, they gradually reduced the frequency to twice a week, then once a week, and eventually once every other week. Despite the challenges of commuting, Hudson believed it was undeniably worth every trip to experience the tremendous results under Robbie’s guidance.

As Hudson looked forward to his impending graduation, he expressed his gratitude for the remarkable transformation he had undergone: “I can’t say enough good things about Robbie. He completely changed how my arm feels. I don’t have any pain now, and in December, I couldn’t throw a football for anything.”

Hudson Osborne’s story of resilience and recovery exemplified the power of skilled therapy and determination. With the guidance of Robbie Bolton and the unwavering support of Evolve Physical Therapy, Hudson not only overcame his injury but also emerged stronger, ready to pursue his football career at the collegiate level.

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