Weight Training Injuries: Mike Kavanaugh’s Patient Story

Aug29th 2023

At 65 years old, Mike Kavanaugh remains an avid fitness enthusiast. However, maintaining his active lifestyle hasn’t been without challenges. Injuries and age have brought him setbacks, but Evolve Physical Therapy has also provided him with a path forward. Through personalized care and expertise, the Evolve team has helped Mike overcome his injuries and regain his mobility, enabling him to continue his passion for weight training and exercise.

Injuries from Extended Weight Training

While years of weight training had allowed Mike to stay mostly physically fit, it was also beginning to negatively impact some of his joints. He began to experience pain and discomfort due to degeneration in his lower back area.  Issues began to develop in his shoulders and his ankles as well. Eventually, the pain demanded that he seek professional help, and he turned to his sister for a recommendation. Without hesitation, she referred him to Robbie Bolton at Evolve Physical Therapy whom she considers to not only be her own physical therapist but also a friend.

Physical Therapy for Weight Training Injuries

From his first visit to Evolve, Mike knew this practice was different than traditional rehabilitation settings. The clinic offered a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, creating a comfortable space for patients to undergo their therapy. He also appreciated that Robbie was not only highly knowledgeable but also personable, taking the time to understand his concerns and needs. Furthermore, he appreciated their unique approach to treatment.

“They’re all really nice there,” says Mike. “The environment that makes it enjoyable to go. It isn’t a place where they just sit around and look at a chart. They really take their time with you and are very personable. They just have a great atmosphere.”

Rather than merely focusing on the immediate source of pain, Evolve’s approach involved addressing interconnected areas of the body. By targeting not just the site of pain but also related areas contributing to discomfort, Robbie aimed for comprehensive healing and improved overall functionality. During their sessions together, Mike experienced a variety of therapeutic techniques. These included cupping, dry needling, and ThermoStim therapy.

Aging Gracefully with Evolve Physical Therapy

Over the course of approximately a year and a half, Mike witnessed remarkable progress in his overall well-being. His ability to move improved, and he found relief from pain that had hindered his daily life. Notably, his ability to turn his neck and body became much smoother, enhancing his quality of life and mobility. Today, Mike has far fewer injuries to contend with, but he still regularly visits Evolve in an effort to keep it that way.

Mike’s journey with Evolve is a testament to aging gracefully while prioritizing physical health. While acknowledging the natural effects of aging and nearly five decades of weight training, Mike has found that Evolve’s personalized approach allows him to safely maintain his active lifestyle and passion for exercise. And with his ongoing maintenance visits, he has no plans of slowing down.