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Mar29th 2023

Physical Therapy That Works: Linda Stamper’s Patient Story

By the time Linda Stamper first went to see Robbie at Evolve Physical Therapy, she had nearly given up hope of ever finding relief from her back and shoulder pain. She had been to multiple doctors and physical therapy practices. Some treatments like injections for her back brought relief for a while, but inevitably, it

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Jan10th 2023

Manual Therapy for Back Pain: The Benefits of the ASTYM Technique from Your Physical Therapist

If you suffer from back pain due to a soft tissue injury or issue, your physical therapist may use the ASTYM technique for treatment. The ASTYM technique is an instrument-assisted soft tissue manual therapy designed for back pain. The tools employed by the ASTYM technique are a specialized form of massage that helps your PT

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Tips From a Physical Therapist For Herniated Disc Jul10th 2021

Tips From a Physical Therapist On Dealing With Herniated Discs

A herniated disc happens when the outer fibrous layer of a spinal disc (usually in the neck or lower back) tears. This allows the disc’s gel-like filling to leak out into the surrounding joint space. In many cases, this can irritate or compress nearby nerves and other structures, leading to uncomfortable symptoms like back pain,

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