Personalized Physical Therapy for Muscle Injuries: Kyle Banta’s Patient Story

Oct31st 2023

Kyle Banta, one of Evolve Physical Therapy’s early patients, has been a regular visitor since he saw Robbie Bolton for rehab after tearing his labrum in 2015. Today, Kyle competes in strongman competitions and continues to seek treatment from Robbie about once a month for injuries, aches, and pain. Kyle’s dedication to his training is evident in his words, “I’ve been training for over a year now, and for me, it’s never been about how I look. It’s always been about building strength and pushing my limits.” His commitment to a rigorous workout regimen at Atlas Strength Shop and Anytime Fitness in Dutchtown has unfortunately resulted in various injuries. However, the expert team at Evolve Physical Therapy has effectively treated each ailment, allowing Kyle to continue confidently pursuing his fitness goals.

What Makes Evolve Physical Therapy Different from Other Clinics?

Throughout his years as an active athlete, Kyle has visited several physical therapists but found his home at Evolve Physical Therapy. Kyle explains, “At Evolve Physical Therapy, everyone is invested in your progress, and the experience is hands-on, personal, and customized to your needs. It’s a light-hearted, fun environment where you feel like a part of the team.” The customized treatment plan that Kyle has received at Evolve has been instrumental in helping him achieve his fitness goals. In addition, the team at Evolve has been proactive in working with Kyle to design programs he can do at home to address longer-term issues.

Physical Therapy for Multiple Injuries and Conditions

Despite initially seeking treatment from Robbie Bolton for physical therapy after shoulder surgery, Kyle has encountered several new issues over the years. However, the team at Evolve Physical Therapy has consistently provided effective care and treatment for each new ailment. “I’ve had a torn rector from deadlifting, a strained neck from overhead pressing, and tendinitis in my neck and traps that always seem tight. Whenever I experience any strain or muscle ache, I know I can always count on Robbie to help me work through it,” remarks Kyle.

Physical Therapist Exceptional Patient Care and Service

Kyle’s unwavering loyalty to Evolve Physical Therapy reflects the exceptional care and service Robbie and the team provide. Whether for a scheduled appointment or an unexpected injury, Robbie consistently exceeds expectations in accommodating his patients. Kyle attests, “Robbie’s commitment to his patients is unparalleled. On one occasion, I arrived before the clinic opened, and Robbie went out of his way to ensure I received the treatment I needed. Even while on vacation, he took the time to provide me with valuable advice over text.” Such dedicated service and care are characteristic of the team at Evolve, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking top-quality physical therapy.

Continued Treatments and Solutions Through Physical Therapy

Evolve Physical Therapy’s commitment to their patient’s long-term health and wellness is evident in their customized physical therapy treatment plans. As Kyle’s experience demonstrates, the Evolve team treats immediate issues and provides guidance on how to prevent future injuries. Kyle shares, “If they don’t fix the problem immediately, they improve it. Most importantly, they always advise how not to make a situation worse.” Kyle’s success with various treatments, including dry needling, cupping, scraping, blood flow restriction therapy, and manual work, is a testament to the team’s expertise. Kyle is just one example of the many happy and healthy patients who have been through the doors of Evolve Physical Therapy and left stronger. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or simply looking to regain your mobility, the expert staff at Evolve is here to help you get back in action.

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