Pre and Post-Shoulder Surgery Rehab: Josh Causey’s Patient Story

Dec4th 2023

Josh Causey has undergone five shoulder surgeries over the past two years. However, before he went under the knife to correct chronic shoulder pain, he began his road back to his active lifestyle at Evolve Physical Therapy with Robbie Bolton. “My wife visited Robbie before he started Evolve. She had shoulder surgery and then went to post-shoulder surgery rehab and had a very positive experience. So when I had my initial shoulder surgery, I reached out to get rehab done there just because of my wife’s experience,” says Josh.

While Josh didn’t suffer a specific injury, he understood the importance of rehabbing his shoulder and upper arm problems. “It wasn’t an acute injury but just wear and tear over time. But it ended up being a partial rotator cuff tear, bicep tear, and bicep tendonitis,” he remembers. 

Physical Therapy Before and After Shoulder Surgery

Before Josh elected to have his shoulder operated on, he began rehabbing it at Evolve and has continued with his physical therapy regimen over the past two years. From revision surgeries to address failed hardware to his final surgery a year ago to correct his frozen shoulder and capsulitis from surgeries, the treatment he’s received at Evolve has helped get him back to doing the things he enjoys. “It’s taken a long time because of all the surgeries, but because of sticking with Robbie, I’m back in the gym. I’m starting to swing a golf club again. I’m excited to be where I’m at,” says Josh.

What Makes Physical Therapy at Evolve Different?

Josh had participated in physical therapy in the past, however, his time at Evolve has been significantly better than anything he had experienced before. “At previous PT, you would go in, you see the therapist, they’d do a consult, and then you’re handed off to a technician that then works with you. Then you go back, maybe see the PT for five or ten minutes, and it’s the same thing.”

Robbie and his team at Evolve have a much different approach. “Robbie is always one-on-one, very engaged, very inquisitive. He approaches everything in a problem-solving, investigative way. He’s willing to try different things at each appointment.”

This hands-on, customized approach sets Evolve apart from other physical therapy practices. “They are hands-on from when you walk in the door to when you leave. This customized experience is more useful to me as a patient,” says Josh.

The Benefits of Employing Multiple Physical Therapy Techniques

Part of Evolve’s problem-solving method is discovering what works and improving the healing process. Depending on the diagnosis and prognosis, this strategy may mean utilizing various physical therapy techniques. “What stuck out to me was that he deployed almost everything versus one or two things that would be repeated. The mobility, the strengthening, the cupping, the scraping, the dry needling; then he would ask how each felt and which seemed to work best. He would try all of these things and inquire throughout about the effectiveness of each. He has a willingness to try it all and get feedback.”

Why Would You Recommend Evolve Physical Therapy?

There are many options when it comes to selecting a physical therapist. Robbie and his staff at Evolve Physical Therapy set themselves apart with exceptional care, treatment planning, and commitment.

“If you’re looking for someone who genuinely cares about your well-being, is competent, has an extremely hard work ethic, and is invested in not only your recovery but your ability to recover outside of physical therapy, then Robbie is your guy. His goal is to get you out of physical therapy and give you the tools to continue to improve on your own time. It’s a customized approach based on your situation and schedule.”

While every patient’s details and needs are unique, Josh’s experience at Evolve is not. No matter your injury or condition, the expert staff at Evolve Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge is here to get you healthy, back on your feet, and doing what you love.

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