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Dec4th 2023

Pre and Post-Shoulder Surgery Rehab: Josh Causey’s Patient Story

Josh Causey has undergone five shoulder surgeries over the past two years. However, before he went under the knife to correct chronic shoulder pain, he began his road back to his active lifestyle at Evolve Physical Therapy with Robbie Bolton. “My wife visited Robbie before he started Evolve. She had shoulder surgery and then went

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Oct17th 2023

Shoulder Joint Injury Rehabilitation: Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you are struggling with shoulder joint injuries, you know how challenging it can be to manage their pain and discomfort. Your shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in your body, with a wide range of motion, making it vulnerable to injuries. The pain caused by shoulder injuries can vary from a

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Aug3rd 2022

Baton Rouge Isokinetic Testing: Helping Athletes Recover

Isokinetic testing is the only way to measure the maximum strength at every point in a body part’s range of motion.  Through the use of an isokinetic machine, your physical therapist can accurately determine your strength and muscular endurance after an injury.  These measurements are critical in meeting your recovery goals and charting the progress

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