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Dec27th 2023

Athletic Injury Recovery in Baton Rouge: Beau Didier’s Patient Story

When your Dad is a professional baseball coach, and you played baseball at Louisiana State University, you’ve had a lot of experience in different facilities and with various athletic staff and physical therapists. So, when Beau Didier tore his ACL and meniscus playing flag football, he knew exactly where to go to rehab his injury.

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Dec15th 2023

5 Benefits of Compression Therapy: Who Should Seek Compression Therapy Treatment?

Compression therapy is a medical technique that involves the use of specially designed garments or devices to apply pressure to different parts of the body, usually the limbs. This therapeutic approach serves various purposes and has proven to be significant in managing various medical conditions. Its primary goal is to improve blood circulation, relieve a

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Sep29th 2023

Pre and Post-Surgery Knee Injury Rehab: Chuck Smith’s Patient Story

When Chuck Smith, an avid basketball player, suffered a severe knee injury early in 2023, his first and only choice when it came to deciding on a physical therapist was Robbie Bolton and his staff at Evolve.  “I knew Robbie from Baton Rouge Ancient Athletes, it was a no-brainer to go see him,” remembers Chuck.

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