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Oct5th 2022

Physical Therapy Treatment for Hip Bursitis

Your body has several small, fluid-filled sacs known as bursae.  These sacs create a cushion between the soft tissue and bones of your joints.  When they become inflamed it creates a condition referred to as bursitis.  If you are experiencing pain in your hip joint, on the outside of the hip, that continues to the

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Aug18th 2022

Baton Rouge Physical Therapy Providers: How Can Physical Therapy Correct Muscle Imbalances in Athletes?

Your muscles provide dexterity, strength, and stability for your body.  While these muscles are designed to work together in order to achieve movement and activity, frequent use and repetitive motions, like those performed during athletic training and competition can strengthen some muscle groups while ignoring others.  If the growth and development of one, or a

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Aug3rd 2022

Baton Rouge Isokinetic Testing: Helping Athletes Recover

Isokinetic testing is the only way to measure the maximum strength at every point in a body part’s range of motion.  Through the use of an isokinetic machine, your physical therapist can accurately determine your strength and muscular endurance after an injury.  These measurements are critical in meeting your recovery goals and charting the progress

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